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Robin J.Smith

EFT, Faster EFT Level IV Practitioner

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What is FasterEFT?

ROBIN SMITH . 137 Swanson Road . Nanaimo, BC . V9R6V8

Tapp Room: 250.591.8277 . Cell: 250.616.2113 . 

Email: robin_smith@shaw.ca or robin@fastereft.ca

Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation (FasterEFT) is a fast effective practical methodology created by Robert G. Smith. It combines the most effective elements of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Modern Clinical Hypnosis, Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), science and the mind’s great ability to transform itself.

FasterEFT can quickly transform how you represent your past, shift unresolved emotions and restore your physical health. The power of FasterEFT lies in its ability to uncover the structure of how you create your problem. Once this structure is uncovered, Robin can guide you in freeing yourself from the traumas and fears of the past, letting go of limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

- Weight
- Grief & Loss
- Cravings
- Headache
- Insomnia

- Allergy
- Pain
- Fatigue
- Creative Blocks
- Phobias

- Unwanted Habits

- Relationship  Problems
- Depression

​​- Sexual Trauma ( Non-disclosure available)

How can FasterEFT work for you?

The conditions that FasterEFT has been shown to improve include, but is not limited to include theRelease of:

Our brain is constantly wiring and rewiring neural pathways as we think and practice activities on a daily basis. If you practise something repeatedly these 

links become well established neural pathways.By using a combination of focusing on the emotion, sensations etc. of a particular event and gently tapping

a sequence of acupuncture meridian points FasterEFT works to interrupt established neuronal patterns and lower Cortisol levels in the body reducing

stress and  improving both physical and emotional wellbeing.Faster EFT quickly and easily interrupts your negative thought patterns, habits and memories

enabling you to create powerful changes is your life.Some of Faster EFT Benefits are:FasterEFT is quick, long lasting and gentle.FasterEFT can be applied

in the heat of the moment to relieve stress, anxiety, strong emotions in difficult situationsFasterEFT can easily be learned by anyone and is a very effective

​self tool that enables genuine change.FasterEFT works where nothing else will

How does FasterEFT work?